Health Innovation



Innovation and Collaboration 

Business innovation adds value to the organization and its stakeholders and drives organizational success. This is in line with our strategy to improve services and differentiate the organization from others while contributing to enhanced social and environmental values. 

BDMS Innovation Management 

As for innovation management, BDMS enforces guidelines in response to the corporate and innovation development strategy with the help of local and international organizations. The goal is to achieve Smart Hospital while becoming a leading one-stop innovative healthcare service provider in 2023 and delivering excellent services with continuous development in business efficiency. 

BDMS Sourcing and Innovation Development Guidelines 

BDMS has established guidelines for knowledge development and innovation sourcing in response to its organizational and development strategy in collaboration with organizations in Thailand and abroad. The Investment Committee is tasked with considering investment in functional innovations that produce concrete results. The details of the guidelines are as follows 

Innovative to Access to Healthcare for Society and Community 

The current economic uncertainty results from numerous factors, such as the COVID-19 outbreak, causing changes in lifestyle and population structure called the “New Normal New landscape.” As the new lifestyle entirely transforms the customer expectation, BDMS adapts its business strategy in line with sustainable development by integrating innovation and medical technology. The intention is to gain opportunities and access to healthcare services for all stakeholders, particularly frailty patients suffering from chronic diseases and pediatric patients. Moreover, BDMS emphasizes healthcare in working aged adults by encouraging a life balance and preventive healthcare