The BDMS network of hospitals attracts a wide range of different medical tourists to Thailand for its top-quality health services. In 2014 alone, we provided medical services to more than one million international visits, including guests from Japan, Australia, the UK, Europe, the Middle East and all across the rest of the globe. At BDMS hospitals, we strive to make sure all our visitors have a smooth trip from the moment they book their treatment to the moment they check out. 

1 Preparing for your visit

  • Planned inpatient services for insured persons 

Many planned visits to BDMS hospitals can be covered by insurance. If you are coming to one of our hospitals for treatment, there are things you can do before you arrive to make your insurance claim process as smooth as possible.

First, check to see if your insurer is currently working with us by visiting this page. Once you have confirmed your insurer, you can send us a scanned copy of your insurance card (front and back) and a copy of your passport. These documents help us prepare all the paperwork you and your insurer need.

The BDMS Third-Party Payer Services team will then coordinate directly with your insurance provider to check how much coverage it will provide to cover your medical expenses. After their evaluations, your insurance provider will issue a Guarantee of Payment for your treatment cost and send it directly to us, normally within 24 to 48 hours. Upon checkout, you will receive a detailed medical report written from your doctor.

  • Unplanned inpatient services for insured persons 

In the case of an unplanned visit, you may still be able to claim insurance coverage for your treatment.

When you arrive at the hospital, please make sure you have your passport, current medical insurance certificate or card, and any other documents required by your insurer for identification purposes. You will receive a detailed medical report from your doctor.

The BDMS Third-Party Payer Services team will work directly with your insurance company to obtain a Guarantee of Payment for your treatment cost, which your insurance provider will evaluate before sending a Guarantee of Payment (usually within 24 to 48 hours).

If there is a delay and a Guarantee of Payment is not received by the time you are discharged, you will need to settle your account in full and file for coverage directly with your insurance company at a later date.

  • Finding a doctor

The BDMS network of hospitals attracts the most caring and talented medical staff in the industry. Our doctors are trained in the top medical schools worldwide and are highly qualified, with decades of international experience. Our medical staff is our greatest asset, and we have skilled specialists in every field.

To help you find the right doctor for you, visit our member hospitals’ websites and use their in-built search tools. The search function allows you to find a physician, learn about their professional background and see their many achievements in their field.


Bangkok Hospital

Samitivej Hospital

BNH Hospital

Phyathai Hospital

Paolo Hospital

Royal Angkor Hospital

Royal Phnom Penh Hospotal


2 Your Stay

  • Admission

BDMS knows checking into a hospital can be a daunting experience. That is why we have gone to great lengths to make all of our patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible from the moment they step through the door. We have created spacious, modern lobbies that look and feel just like living rooms, with plush sofas, potted plants and tables for friends and family to gather around. We also have international brand cafés and restaurants in many of our hospitals, in order to further help visitors feel at home. 

When you arrive, you will fill out an Admission Form so that we can register you into our system. We will then take a copy of your passport and settle your account. Once the registration process is complete, you will change into a comfortable set of hospital pajamas and have your blood pressure and temperature checked by our nurses. Before treatment, you will need to submit a Consent of Medical Treatment form, and an Acceptance of Medical Treatment form if your treatment includes surgery.

  • Onsite facilities and services 

The BDMS network offers more than just world-class medical treatment. In order provide the utmost care and convenience to our patients, we offer a wide range of non-medical facilities and services in each of our hospitals, including international food outlets, shops and minimarts.

At Bangkok Hospital, we also offer a plaza with convenience stores, gift stalls, and global food-and-beverage brands such as Starbucks and Au Bon Pain, plus a spacious lobby with a grand piano and live music. 

  • Accommodation

All BDMS hospitals provide a range of different accommodation options for patients, ranging from state-of-the-art hospital rooms to luxurious, self-contained suites with stunning city views. We also provide the very best intensive care units, equipped with the latest technologies for patients needing additional care.

For family and friends traveling with you, there are many well-priced hotels within close proximity of all hospitals in the BDMS network. From affordable family accommodation to executive hotels and five-star resorts, the range of hotel options in Bangkok and Thailand ensures your entire group is comfortable and secure. For any assistance in finding a suitable hotel, just contact the customer service center of your hospital.

  • Language and interpreters

It’s important for us at BDMS that all patients can communicate clearly with their doctors. For this reason, each of our hospitals provides interpretation services in a variety of languages, including English, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin and Burmese. In-house interpreters are free of charge; however, if you would like the services of an outside interpreter, this will charged at the patient’s expense.

  • About Thailand

Thailand is a tropical country with hot, humid weather all year round and a rainy, monsoonal season from June to mid-October. From March to June, temperatures are at their hottest, with highs regularly reaching 40 ˚C (104 ˚F) and lows rarely dipping below 20 ˚C (68 ˚F). The wet season is slightly cooler (averaging 23 ˚C – 31 ˚C, or 74 ˚F – 88 ˚F), and thunderstorms are common, lasting from a few minutes to an hour once or twice a day. From November to February, the weather cools a little more, with lots of sunshine and lower humidity. Average highs during this season are around 30 ˚C (86 ˚F), and lows can dip below 13 ˚C (55) at night, especially in mountainous regions.

Getting around in Bangkok is easy. There is an underground train (MRT) and a sky train (BTS) that cover most of metropolitan Bangkok. Taxis are abundant and affordable, while tuk tukscan be convenient for shorter trips. 

  • What to bring

Bangkok is a modern, fast-paced city where you will find most of the creature comforts of home. Supermarkets sell a wide range of international goods, and overseas clothing brands can be found in the city’s many malls. You only need to bring light, breathable clothing and essential personal amenities. 

  • Extending your trip

Some patients might need to extend their stay for medical reasons. In this case, the BDMS team is happy to assist with your visa extension application and prepare any medical documents and certificates you might need. Charges may apply. 


3 After Care

  • Records and reports

BDMS is happy to supply our patients with complete copies of all their medical reports and records. We can supply historical records (please request in advance), digital files of X-rays, imaging records and scans. All records are given in-person – they are not sent via e-mail or released to a third party. 

  • Pharmacy

To make things as convenient as possible for our patients, all hospitals in the BDMS network offer on-site pharmacies. When a patient receives a prescription from their doctor, they simply take it to the cashier for payment and wait for their script to be filled, without needing to leave the hospital. If you’re staying at the hospital, we will bring your medication to your room

  • Staying in Touch 

BDMS patients can stay in touch with their hospital and doctor once they’ve returned home. Each hospital has its own team who can answer any questions, assist with insurance claims and provide follow-up support.