Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) is one of the most prestigious hospital networks in Asia-Pacific. Boasting 24 JCI-accredited hospital programs as well as Clinical Care Program Certification, BDMS delivers world-class care to an international clientele, providing top-tier services and facilities and skilled specialists in every field. As a result, in 2015, we ranked fifth in the world for revenue, bringing in US $1.8 billion, and have a market capitalization of US $9.3 billion.

We’re proud to be able to offer the world’s latest medical technology complemented by highly qualified health professionals. Our doctors and nurses are the best in their fields, trained in the top medical schools around the world and passionate about providing quality care.

BDMS currently owns and manages six major hospital brands: Bangkok Hospital, Samitivej Hospital, BNH Hospital, Phyathai Hospital, Paolo Hospital and the Royal Hospital. Our hospitals are located throughout Thailand, in all major cities, including Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Samui, as well as two hospitals in Cambodia.

Throughout our hospitals we offer a vast array of specialty departments providing world-class healthcare, recognized and accredited by world-renowned organizations. Bangkok Hospital alone boasts eight JCI Gold Seal of Approval certificates – more than any other hospital in APAC.

The BDMS network also includes non-hospital medical industry partners. Below are some of BDMS’s subsidiary companies that help us in providing healthcare solutions to our patients.

National Healthcare Systems Co., Ltd – the largest and most advanced blood analysis center in Thailand and first in its class in the Asia-Pacific region.

Bio Molecular Laboratory & MedicPharma – a laboratory and pharmaceutical services company based in Thailand.

Bangkok Helicopter Services – Southeast Asia’s first medical evacuation provider.

A.N.B. Laboratories Co., Ltd. – an expert in high-quality sterile pharmaceutical products – manufacturer and distribution.

Medic Pharma – a pharmaceutical products manufacturer based in Thailand. 


1 History

Starting with just one hospital in 1969, BDMS has grown into a vast network of hospitals and health clinics in Thailand. Registered on October 30, 1969 as Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Company Limited, the organization began with an initial registered capital of 10 million baht (US$312,000). The company was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on October 2, 1991 and was converted into a public company limited in 1994. Today, the company has a registered capital of 1.7 billion baht (US$53 million).

Along the way, BDMS is proud to have accrued a number of firsts, including Thailand’s first cardiology hospital and first private oncology hospital. We were also the first private hospital group to offer a dedicated children’s hospital in Thailand.


2 Mission / Vision

BDMS’s vision is to be the premier tertiary healthcare provider in Thailand, dedicated to international quality and customer-focused care. We are committed to being the leader in providing internationally accepted, efficient and ethical, high-quality care through a dedicated healthcare team, effective leadership and up-to-date technology.

At BDMS, we hope to instill confidence and trust in our patients. We aim to emanate strength, credibility and influence. We have a clear, focused vision for the future, and we strive to constantly seek out new opportunities for growth and expansion. Before a new hospital joins our network, we make sure it is developed with strong infrastructure, personnel and support systems in order to maintain our exceptional operating levels and standards of care.

3 Awards & Accreditation

Over our 45-year history, BDMS has won numerous national and international awards and accreditations. Bangkok Hospital is particularly acclaimed, having been awarded eight Gold Seals of Approval from JCI, more than any other hospital in APAC. Considered the highest standard in global health care, the seals are awarded by the Joint Commission International, a United States non-profit organization that evaluates operational practices and facilities, ensuring that exacting international standards are met.

Bangkok Hospital has also received the Trusted Brand Award from Reader’s Digest, as well as accreditation from Telemedicine for the Mobile Society (TEMOS), which evaluates hospitals’ services for medical tourism and tourism medicine, and Hospital Accreditation of Thailand and Bangkok Hospital also currently collaborates with leading international universities and medical centers to innovate in their orthopedic and neurological centers.

Samitivej Hospital, BNH Hospital, the Phyathai Hospital Group and the Paolo Hospital Group are also certified by Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCI) and Hospital Accreditation (HA) of Thailand.

BNH Hospital has won multiple awards, including a Business Excellence Award and a Best Professional Services for Export Services Award from the Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Phyathai Hospital Group is the proud recipient of the Trusted Brand Gold Award from Reader’s Digest. Samitivej Sukhumvit was the first hospital in Thailand to be recognized in the Mother and Baby-Friendly Initiative by WHO and UNICEF.